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We live in the Eastwood subdivision of Greenville. When we bought our house in 2009 we did so knowing there had been some settling making some floors have a slant. We had had a civil engineer take a look to be sure the house was structurally sound so it was more a nuisance. Since our home was built in 1971, that is to be expected in Greenville. In the last few years, we were seeing some nail pops in the kitchen floor and saw it was getting worse. This reality had been a major stress as we thought it would cost a significant percentage of the house to repair.

We finally took the plunge and decided to get an estimate to put in more supports and better level the floors. We had called Eastern Structural for another issue in that we had a rocking toilet and when the plumbers tried to fix it there were subflooring issues from a previous repair done by someone in the past. So while Eastern Structural was giving us an estimate to fix our bathroom subflooring we asked them to look at our flooring issue as well. We were very surprised at an estimate we could afford that was well below what we had expected such repairs to cost.

They are very prompt, considerate, professional, and have over 100 years of combined experience in home construction and repairs. They also have extensive knowledge of how homes were built here in Greenville. We were very impressed at their proposed structural fixes and understanding of the causes of our floor problems. In addition to getting the bathroom subflooring fixed, they put in piers and a beam, and jacked up the floors to level them. They did all we asked and more. Several long standing issues on my never seem to get it to fix list also got done. (Thank you guys!)

We felt like they treated us like they would friends of the family, and took care to do the job right and listen to what we wanted. They were happy to answer all our questions. They were very responsive to phone and email. They were able to start repairs very quickly and finished in just a few days without disrupting our home life. A pleasure to work with such a nice family business. We give our highest recommendation to anyone considering them.

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Haunted Panda of Grey Valley

I hired Jeff and his team to shore up my living room floor in 2 places where it had "settled" over the past 45 years. They reworked it over the course of 3 days (finished today)! It is so much better. Our kitchen/living room door now closes effortlessly and the floor looks planar and level. The crew was great, and cleaned up after themselves every day. I will be hiring them again to blow in insulation in my attic. I am sure there will be other odd jobs I will need done in the future, and I wont hesitate to hire them again! Highly Recommended!

Chris C.

I would highly recommend this company. They have done several different jobs for me and I have been extremely pleased with everything they have done.

Betty B.

Debbie S.

Anthony T.

Professional, courteous, honest and good people, would highly recommend this company of skilled craftsmen to work for all of my family and friends, for any of your home repairs.

Suzanne B.